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La Cocodrila

Deborah De La Torree, Latinx Jazz Pianist Composer

The Crocodile, like the Island it symbolizes, is a strong and surprising creature, a creature that lays low for a while, but violently fights back when cornered and confined. This music sure breaks a few rules on purpose sometimes. It's postmodern and disruptive.  Crocodiles live in the water and on land at the same time.  Being a Miami native of Cuban and multicultural heritage, my music lives on many hyphens as well.  My album title’s first word means “Damn!” in Cuban Spanish, a word you might say as you try to dance to some of the tunes when the rhythm breaks your ankles. 

La Cocodrila, como la Isla que simboliza, es una criatura fuerte y sorprendente, una criatura que permanece baja por un tiempo, pero que se defiende violentamente cuando está acorralada y confinada. Esta música seguramente rompe algunas reglas y deliberadamente "lo hace mal" en algunas ocasiones. Es posmoderno y disruptivo. Los cocodrilos viven en el agua y en tierra al mismo tiempo. Siendo un nativo de Miami de herencia cubana y multicultural, mi música también vive en muchos guiones. La primera palabra del título de su álbum significa "¡(XXXXX)!" Pero en español cubano, es una palabra que podría decir mientras intenta bailar algunas de las melodías cuando el ritmo le rompe los tobillos.


Deborah "La Cocodrila" De La Torre ("lah-co-co-DREE-lah")a Miami-native of Cuban descent, shreds and thrashes on the piano with a jazz-rock Latin beat. Formerly an accomplished classical performer and composer, she has been performing, writing and teaching for decades around the country and abroad. Her debut instrumental album released last October, ¡Coño! (But With A Swing) has received acclaim from popular audiences, commercial critics and Latin Jazz scholars throughout the world.  Blending genres, meters and Latinx regional influences in sharp and edgy ways, her aggressive and solid piano playing demonstrates an assertive command of the instrument, granting her the well-deserved nickname “La Cocodrila” (the Lady Crocodile) as she performs with some of Colorado's finest jazz artists. 

Deborah "La Cocodrila" De La Torre, oriunda de Miami, destroza el piano con un ritmo de jazz-rock latino. Combinando géneros, ritmos e influencias regionales latinas de manera aguda y vanguardista, su forma de tocar el piano agresiva y sólida demuestra un dominio asertivo del instrumento, otorgándole el merecido apodo de "La Cocodrila" (Lady Crocodile) debido a su feroz interpretación. estilo. Su álbum instrumental debut lanzado en octubre de 2018 titulado ¡Coño! (Pero con un columpio) continúa recibiendo elogios de audiencias populares, críticos comerciales y académicos de música latina en todo el mundo. Ahora se está planeando una gira de vacaciones de primavera 2020. Para entrevistas y contacto de reserva: DLT Creative Productions LLC en o



Deborah De La Torre has an award-winning music career as a pianist, music composer/arranger, instructor, classical performer, Latina/o art festival founder, documentary film producer and recording artist/producer.

Deborah De La Torre received her Bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of Miami, Florida, and a Master’s  degree in Business Administration from Regis University in Denver. 

She is passionate about Caribbean, Latin American and Spanish/Iberian musicology, and performs under the name of "La Cocodrila" (the lady crocodile) on account of her fierce playing style. 

Deborah De La Torre tiene una carrera musical ganadora de premios como pianista, compositor / arreglista musical, instructor, intérprete clásico, fundador del festival de arte latino/a, productor de documentales y artista / productora de grabación. 

Recibió su licenciatura en música de la Universidad de Miami, Florida, y una maestría en administración de empresas de la Universidad de Regis en Denver. 

Le apasiona la musicología caribeña, latinoamericana y española / ibérica, y se presenta bajo el nombre de "La Cocodrila" (la mujer cocodrilo) debido a su estilo de tocar piano con ferocidad.


Album Info

¡Coño! (But With A Swing) (c) October 2018 DLT Creative Productions LLC. Composed, arranged, performed and produced by Deborah De La Torre, pianist.  

With: Thomas A. Blomster, master percussionist, who has worked with giants such as Aaron Copland, Elliot Carter,  and Krystof Penderecki, conducted numerous orchestras, and also writes and plays with jazz and rock bands, as well as the renown Ron Bland on bass,  who has performed with jazz legends Dizzy Gillespie, George Benson, Doc Severinson, and Earth Wind and Fire, Linda Ronstadt, Pavarotti, Rosemary Clooney, and numerous symphony orchestras.  Also many thanks to Patricia Surman (flute), Dave DeMichelis (electric guitar), Rodney Farrar (cello), Randy Runyan (trumpet). 

Special thanks to recording engineer Tyler Reed Hayden and mastering by Justin Davis at Rocky Mountain Recorders, which hosted the album's release party.  


Read more about Deborah's teaching experience here.

Released August 2019


Pre-Release Aug 17

(“Blood Lightning”) by La Cocodrila is a Latin Rock instrumental track with an original throwback sound. 

In her original song "Rayos de Sangre" La Cocodrila switches to a throwback synth sound with her own complex blend of thrashing Latin rock, jazz improv & crazy swing rhythms, but this time in 70s-style. Hear that Latin Rock beat kicking off in the beginning? Dig that chill bass line. Electric guitar and trumpet solos confab with La Cocodrila’s acid theme, and opinions by the trombone and flute keep it gravy. As you might expect, she gets in the last word - musically speaking - when the song ends at 4:20. 

Rayos de Sangre - composed, arranged, performed and produced by Deborah “La Cocodrila” De La Torre, Latinx jazz pianist. With Ron Bland (electric bass) Thomas A. Blomster (percussion) and Dave DeMichelis (electric guitar), with Dan Leavitt (trumpet) Jeff Craig (trombone) and Joe Anderies (flute). Recorded and mixed by Tyler Hayden and mastered by Justin Davis at Rocky Mountain Recorders in Denver, Colorado; Album cover artwork by Vincent De La Torre.  (c) 2019 DLT Creative Productions LLC.

Agua Bosque

Pre-Release August 10


The legend of thunder following after the swirling winds, announcing the fierce rainstorm bringing life, death and rebirth 

The track includes instrumental images such as the sound of water drops played by the percussion and bass guitar, various bird calls and hurricane winds by the piano, the undertone of rumbling thunder by the percussion, and the tropical insects and frogs, which are played in staggered rhythms by the horns and percussion, along with live audio captured from la Cocodrila's recent travels. 

With Ron Bland (bass) and Thomas A. Blomster (percussion), Danny Leavitt (trumpets) Jeff Craig (trombone) Joe Anderies (flute). Recorded & Mixed by Tyler Hayden; Mastered by Justin Davies at Rocky Mountain Recorders in Denver, Colorado.  Album Cover Artwork by Vincent De La Torre

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