La Cocodrila

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AGUA BOSQUE - the legend of thunder following after the swirling winds, announcing the fierce rainstorm bringing life, death and rebirth. The track includes instrumental images such as the sound of water drops played by the percussion and bass guitar, various bird calls and hurricane winds played by the piano, the undertone of rumbling of thunder played by the percussion, and the tropical insects and frogs, which are played in staggered rhythms by the horns and percussion, and at the end in live audio captured from La Cocodrila's recent travels.

AGUA BOSQUE (c)2019 - composed, arranged, performed and produced by Deborah "La Cocodrila" De La Torre. Performed with Ron Bland (bass), Thomas A. Blomster (percussion), Dan Leavitt (trumpet), Joe Anderies (flute) and Jeff Craig (trombone). Mixed and recorded by Tyler Hayden and mastered by Justin Davis at Rocky Mountain Recorders in Denver, Colorado. Album cover artwork by Vincent De La Torre (

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