La Cocodrila

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Rayos de Sangre - (“Blood Lightning”) by La Cocodrila is a Latin Rock instrumental track with an original throwback sound. 

La Cocodrila goes into a new direction and switches to a throwback synth sound with her own complex blend of thrashing Latin rock, jazz improv & crazy swing rhythms, this time in 70s-style. Hear that Latin Rock beat kicking off in the beginning? Dig that chill bass line. Electric guitar and trumpet solos confab with La Cocodrila’s acid theme, and opinions by the trombone and flute keep it gravy. As you might expect, she gets in the last word - musically speaking - when the song ends at 4:20.

Rayos de Sangre - composed, arranged, performed and produced by Deborah “La Cocodrila” De La Torre, Latinx jazz pianist. With Ron Bland (electric bass) Thomas A. Blomster (percussion) and Dave DeMichelis (electric guitar), with Dan Leavitt (trumpet) Jeff Craig (trombone) and Joe Anderies (flute). Recorded and mixed by Tyler Hayden and mastered by Justin Davis at Rocky Mountain Recorders in Denver, Colorado; Album cover artwork by Vincent De La Torre. Rayos de Sangre (c)DLT 2019 Creative Productions LLC.

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